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Distributed Cognition Comic & Essay #2

This comic strip represents the other classroom that I observed in this semester. My mentor teacher, Ms. Manzuk, teaches seventh and eighth grade social studies and language arts. The lesson depicted in the comic integrates technology swiftly and efficiently into learning, while also touching on the concept of distributed cognition, which states that intelligence can…

Distributed Cognition Comic & Essay #1

This comic strip represents one of the two classrooms I had the opportunity to observe in this semester. My mentor teacher, Ms. House, teaches fourth grade at Hilltop Elementary and one of the classes she teaches is a Writing Enrichment course. Using many different passages from a variety of genres, the students learn to respond…

Observing Technology Blog Post #2

As I expanded on in my first observation blog post, in the eighth grade classroom I observed in at St. Dominic every student has their own Chromebook to utilize under their teachers’ instruction. After asking my cooperating teacher more about the school’s technology system, I learned that in grades 5-8, each student gets their own…

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